Residential Window Tinting in Hurricane, WV

Did you know that residential window tinting in West Virginia can reduce up to 84% of incoming heat caused by sunlight and help you save up to 33% on your energy bill? By reducing HVAC cost and increasing your home’s heat and UV rejection, tinting is a supremely economical way to control your energy costs on a day-to-day basis.

Sun Control Inc is prepared to help homeowners reap the full benefits of home window tinting in Hurricane, Putnam County, and Teays Valley, WV by providing you with some of the best options available on the market today. We carry some of the best name brands in the industry, including:

  • LLumar
    • EnerLogic Series
    • Formula One Series
    • Vista Series
  • Solyx

The proven name brands we align ourselves with and our expert installation capabilities combine to give homeowners a product that truly works.

Why invest in residential window film?

Residential Window TintingThere are numerous reasons to invest in solar film. Some of the most common benefits residential window film offers include:

  • Reduce wear and tear on HVAC systems and components by keeping home temperatures consistent.
  • Maintain a higher level of comfort by regulating heat levels within the home.
  • Prevent sun damage and fading of items placed near windows.
  • Maintain privacy from the outside world (tinted films).
  • Improve security of windows and mitigate the potential for shattered panes (security films).

The benefits are numerous for homeowners and, best of all, attainable at a much lower cost than other, more invasive measures! Installing awnings, keeping shades drawn or trying to consistently repair sun damage are all most expensive or less effective than residential window film as a solution.

To learn more about the many benefits of home window tinting and how it can help protect your home, consult with Sun Control Inc. We’ll introduce you to best-in-class products that are proven to keep UV damage to a minimum, to afford you the best quality of life possible in your home.



We know that whether you are a homeowner or own your own business, one of the more daunting tasks is cleaning the interior of your windows without causing streaks or drips. Let us do the work for you!

What we do:

  • We will scrub and wipe your windows to remove the grease, contaminants, and grime that may have built up on your windows
  • The window is then squeegeed with professional-grade equipment which removes more water and dirt from the pores of the glass than a normal rag or wipe would.
  • All edges and window sills are then cleaned and dried, showcasing your sparkling clean windows.

Interested in auto, commercial, or residential window tinting? Contact us today to use our new service at (304) 562-4722 or stop by our offices at 3798 Teays Valley Road, Hurricane, WV 25526