Is Your Tint Protecting Your Children in the Back Seat?

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Anytime you buy a car, a salesman is going to try and sell you an upgrade package. It used to be things like power windows and locks or cruise control. Now, since these things are all standard on modern vehicles, focus has shifted to other upgrades—one of them being vehicle window tinting in Hurricane, WV.

Often, the sales pitch for factory-tinted windows is a simple one: they protect your vehicle and its occupants from UV rays. Drivers with children immediately see this as a benefit, since lower UV exposure is something that’s important for kids. Plus, what’s a few bucks extra per month on your car payment for tinted windows, right?

The fact is, you’d be better off taking those few dollars you’re paying for factory window tint and instead use it to invest in an aftermarket tint job. Why? Because “factory-tinted” glass just doesn’t offer you the protective benefits that aftermarket tint does—especially when it comes to protecting your kids from UV exposure.

Factory tint explained

Vehicles that come with factory tint do have darker-colored windows. Unfortunately, this isn’t due to actual film tinting—it’s caused by coloring added to the glass. And while the darker color does a great job at keeping sunlight at bay, it actually doesn’t do much to stop UV rays from penetrating the glass. In short, this means your vehicle’s interior is still subject to nearly full UV exposure.

In terms of privacy and glare protection, many factory-tinted vehicles get the job done. The darker glass is enough to keep prying eyes out and the sun at bay. So, if you’re not concerned with UV ray blockage, factory tinting could be a nice upgrade for your new vehicle.

Aftermarket tinting

Aftermarket vehicle window tinting in Hurricane, WV differs from factory tinting because it’s actually a film that’s applied to the glass. This film not only darkens the glass so it reflects glare and blocks out peepers, it also deflects UV rays. Thanks to the composition of the tint—similar to how sunglasses work—UV rays are deflected in a way that protects your vehicle’s interior from exposure.

This results in protection for your upholstery and anyone in the vehicle—including your kids in the back seat. Plus, at the end of the day, aftermarket tinting generally comes out to be the same as factory tinting when you consider the total cost.

Know your options

Factory tinting isn’t a bad option for people who want darker windows as soon as they buy their car. For those who want true UV blockage, however, you’re going to want to make sure you choose aftermarket tint.

To learn more about how tinting works and what advantages it may have for you and your vehicle, contact the professionals at Sun Control Inc. today! We’ll help you get the scoop on factory tinting versus aftermarket tint and which one might be right for you if you’re thinking about UV exposure, privacy and glare protection.

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