Problems with Dark Window Tinting in Hurricane, WV

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Although window tinting can offer a variety of benefits, including ultraviolet protection and increased energy efficiency, there are also certain concerns that are important to keep in mind. Drivers are wise to invest in some form of window tinting to protect them from UV rays when driving during the day. Even in areas with cloudy weather and during the winter months, driving can still leave you exposed to UV rays that can have negative health outcomes, including premature aging and even skin cancer.

Many people choose darker window tinting in Hurricane, WV because of the aesthetic or because they believe it will offer increased protection from the sun, but this can often leave them in violation of local laws in regulations. In fact, there are specific laws that apply to motorists in each state that must be followed in order to avoid incurring a citation or ticket.

The laws in West Virginia concerning automotive window tinting

In some cases, the laws regarding window tinting will be different depending on the part of the car that is being tinted, but West Virginia sets the same parameters for every window on the car. In West Virginia, drivers are permitted to have a sun-screening device and automotive safety glazing materials that, when combined, create no more than 20 percent reflectivity on the windows located directly to the left and right of the driver and passenger seats. The combined light transmission is also required to be at or more than 35 percent. The windows behind the front row must also meet this standard for reflectivity and light transmission.

The importance of following window tinting laws

You may be wondering why laws dictating the tint level of windows are so specific, or even why they’re necessary in the first place. The biggest concern with overly tinted windows is the fact that they pose a danger to law enforcement. It can be unsettling and downright dangerous for a police officer to approach a vehicle without being able to assess the state of the driver from afar. A law enforcement officer may be unable to see whether the driver of a car that they have pulled over is armed or could otherwise pose a risk until they approach the vehicle and the driver rolls down their window.

In some cases, you may be able to get a darker tint if you have a medical condition such as lupus that makes you more vulnerable to sun exposure. In this case, you will need a prescription from your doctor to have your windows tinted legally, and you should also always be mindful to roll down your window if you are stopped by police so that they can approach your vehicle safely.

Learn more about window tinting in Hurricane, WV

It is important to get your window tinting services from a professional provider of window tinting in Hurricane, WV so that you can ensure that you are in compliance with the law. At Sun Control Inc., we have decades of experience providing commercial, residential and automotive window tinting products. We can provide you with tinting services that will keep you protected from UV exposure while still remaining in compliance with the law so that you can hit the road with confidence.

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