How Ultraviolet Light Affects Furniture—and What You Can Do About It

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When you think about the sun, you probably picture picnics at the park, relaxing by the poolside or enjoying an outdoor barbecue. Even though sunlight provides the perfect lighting for outdoor recreation—not to mention mood-boosting doses of vitamin D—there are certain aspects of sun exposure that are not so favorable.

Ultraviolet radiation from sunlight has a lot of potentially harmful effects. UV rays can do serious damage to skin, and in the case of prolonged or extreme exposure, this radiation can cause skin cancer and melanoma. However, health isn’t the only concern when it comes to ultraviolet exposure. UV can also have harmful effects on your material possessions, including your furniture. It’s important to understand what kind of damage UV rays can do to your furniture and what you can do to protect your belongings from sun damage.

The effects of UV rays on furniture

Ultraviolet rays are an invisible form of radiation that are emitted from high energy objects, particularly from the sun. The sun gives off massive quantities of UV rays, and this radiation is capable of doing quite a bit of damage in a number of contexts.

Most people are familiar with the association between ultraviolet exposure and skin cancer and aging, but many underestimate how much damage UV can do to the furniture in your home. Color fading, which is scientifically referred to as photodegradation, has to do with the chemicals that are present in a given object. Chromophores, which can be found in the dyes that are used in textiles and fabrics, are color components that absorb light. When we see a color, we are actually seeing the wavelengths that are being reflected by specific chemical bonds.

The reason that UV rays can alter the color of furniture and cause fading is because they actually alter the chemical bonds in some objects. Ultraviolet radiation can break down the bonds in objects, which causes the appearance of bleaching or fading. Furniture is especially susceptible to UV fading, which is why it’s so important to keep all of your possessions protected. You can do this by investing in window tinting in West Virginia. Tinting your home’s windows can provide protection for your furniture and it can also protect you from the harmful health complications associated with prolonged UV exposure. Having your windows tinted is an affordable investment that is well worth it in the long run.

Learn more about window tinting in West Virginia

Don’t let your beautiful furniture fall victim to the harmful effects of UV radiation. Protect your home with window tinting in West Virginia that can keep you in good health and maintain the appearance of your possessions. At Sun Control Inc., we understand how beneficial window film installation can be in commercial, residential and automotive contexts. For decades, we have been assisting all kinds of customers with their window tinting and sun protection needs. We would be happy to explain the window tinting process and tell you more about the benefits of window film. Our helpful team is just a phone call away!

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