What’s the Strongest Window Tint on the Market, and Is It Practical?

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Window tinting doesn’t just have to be for the limousines and sports cars of the rich and famous. The darkened windows are a popular aesthetic option for all, as they can easily be added to new or used cars or even to your current one. This simple addition can improve both the value and performance of the vehicle. It can do everything from increasing the privacy within your car to protecting passengers from ultraviolet rays and lowering the interior temperature.

Most vehicles come with some form of tinting, but sometimes it’s just not enough to meet your needs. Knowing all of the benefits this aftermarket addition has to offer, you might be wondering just how dark you can go with window tinting in West Virginia.

What’s the strongest window tint on the market?

Window tint is evaluated by the amount of light that can pass through the glass window. For example, a 50 percent tint allows only half of the original light in. In theory, the tinting can really go as dark as you could fathom, where only a miniscule amount of light shines through. However, the strongest practical option is approximately 70 percent. Anything higher than that can be detrimental to a driver’s ability to see the road clearly.

Is it practical?

Unfortunately, going very dark is not really an option in most states. Almost every state regulates window tint darkness. Too-dark windows can make it difficult to see well enough to drive safely at night, which increases the likelihood of hitting another vehicle or a pedestrian. Additionally, a too-opaque window can threaten a police offer’s safety during a traffic stop, as they cannot clearly see what is occurring within the vehicle.

In West Virginia, the tint on the front, rear and back side windows must not exceed more than 35 percent. Any window tinting in West Virginia higher than the specified amount is considered a violation of the law. Local law enforcement can pull you over on suspicion of a violation and measure the approximate tinting using a simple tool that can identify the tint percentage. You will then be faced with a fine and an order to comply with the legal limits by either replacing or removing the film entirely.

Is window tinting worth it?

Following local window tinting regulations won’t lessen the benefits the film has to offer. Less tinted window film still offers privacy from prying eyes and protection from UV rays without running the risk of breaking the law. The film can also prevent your auto glass from shattering during an accident and deter burglars from making your car a target. It’s easy to see that window tinting is a cost-effective and non-invasive solution.

Having window tinting in West Virginia applied by a trained installation specialist will ensure it meets the local regulations. Contact the team of experts at Sun Control Inc. today to learn more about how high quality, professionally installed window tinting can benefit your vehicle, home or business. We look forward to assisting you!

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