Window Film Can Help You Save on Energy Costs, Provide Other Benefits

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While many people associate window tinting with automobiles, window tint film is also often used in residential homes and commercial buildings. It provides a wide variety of important benefits to users, including:

  • Increased energy savings: Window film in West Virginia can substantially lower your energy bill over the course of a year. When treated with high-quality films, windows will bleed out less heat and cool air, meaning you can better regulate the air in your home and can conserve that hot air in winter and cool air in summer. Your HVAC system won’t need to run as often, meaning your energy bills won’t cost you so much!
  • Safeguard your furniture: Many people spend a lot of time trying to find the perfect furniture and decorations for their home. After you’ve put in that time, why would you want to let it become damaged by long-term exposure to the sun? Window films help block out ultraviolet rays, which minimizes fading and other damage caused by the sun. This means your upholstery, flooring, artwork, rugs, carpets and other furnishings will all last longer and maintain their colors. You’ll still have plenty of sunshine coming through your windows, so you don’t have to live in darkness to keep your items looking great, but that sun will be filtered by the film.
  • Add durability: Window film in West Virginia can help minimize potential damage in broken windows. If you have kids, you know how capable they are of letting a baseball or Frisbee go the wrong way. Window tinting can add an extra layer of protection to your windows. If they do break, they will break in a fashion more often seen in car windows, eliminating the risk of shattering and lowering the potential dangers associated with broken glass.
  • Reduce glare: Window film helps to greatly minimize and even eliminate glares. This can make it easier for you to watch television or comfortably sit and read or talk to others in your home.
  • Increased privacy: If you use window films with tinting elements, you can benefit from some increased privacy. The film will still let light into your home, but people looking from the outside in will have an obscured view, unless it’s dark out and your lights are on. If you have rooms facing the street or other homes, this can give you some extra privacy in what could otherwise be awkward scenarios.
  • Add some style: Window tinting is often considered more aesthetic than functional, but the fact is that it can be both. Window tint can add a nice touch to the building, and you can choose from decorative window films with murals or picturesque views.

These are just a few of the biggest benefits associated with window films and their usage in homes and commercial office buildings. If you have any questions about choosing the right kind of window film in West Virginia for your home and how you can save money on your energy bills by using it, contact us today!

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