Wondering About Car Window Tinting? 4 Essentials You Need To Know

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In our last article, we talked about 5 reasons you should get your car’s windows tinted this summer. But when you’re considering having your vehicle’s windows tinted, what do you need to know? Is there a choice of type? Is more expensive better?

We get it, making a decision on whether or not to tint your windows and what type is best can feel overwhelming. That’s why we created this mini-guide for you so you know some essential facts about the different types of window tints that are available.

1. Dyed: Dyed window film is the least expensive type of window tinting. It’s mostly used for
the black appearance and to achieve privacy since the windows will appear black from
the outside. Although it will provide some protection from the sun since the dye works by
absorbing solar heat, the dye tends to fade and it’s not really going to keep your car very
cool in the summer.

2. Metallized: Metallized window tint just like its name suggests, has tiny metal particles.
You can’t see them and they won’t make your windows look like a spaceship although they do have a slightly shiny appearance. The metal in them shields you from the heat by reflecting the sun. The main benefit of metallized window tint is its ability to make your
windows more shatter and scratch resistant. But it can interfere with cell phone, GPS,
and radio reception.

3. Carbon: Carbon window tint doesn’t fade and helps keep your vehicle cool. Plus carbon
film offers good UV protection. Unlike metallized film, it’s not made of metal, so it won’t
interfere with cell phones, GPS systems, or your radio. Carbon window tinting is a
popular option and you’ll often find online discussions debating on whether carbon or
ceramic film is better. That’s good, because if you’re on a budget, but want a better
window tint quality and UV than dyed or metallic film can provide, then carbon film is
a good choice for you.

4. Ceramic: Ceramic window tints are considered by many to be the gold standard in
window tinting. They’re also the most expensive type of window film. Ceramic doesn’t
mean more fragile but refers to the microscopic ceramic particles that it’s made of.
Ceramic window tinting is the latest window film technology and provides you with the
best UV protection and the most effective solar heat reduction. Plus it provides the
highest level of shatter protection and is both glare and fade resistant.

When it comes to car window tinting, there are several different types in a variety of price
points, but they aren’t all created equally. Depending on where you live and how much
you drive, you might be able to get by with a cheaper type of film, but in most cases it’s
better to invest a little bit more of your budget to get effective UV protection, heat
reduction, and value for your money.

What do you think is the best type of window tint? Leave us your thoughts in the comment section below. If you have any questions about window tinting or would like a quote for your vehicle, call us today.

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